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Indications of sources of income from 10th to 12th house The tenth house is the house of profession, status in life, activities outside house, honour, power and authority. Planets in the 10th house indicate Income The assets from a father or paternal relationship are indicated by the presence of Moon or Sun in the 10th house. Astrology Combinations for Wealth in the Horoscope. Tags: profession astrology source income astrology career astrology profession nature income houses wealth horoscope. Categories: Vedic Astrology Profession. Premium Reports.

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Affliction to the fifth house will give you loss of money whichmight lead you towards poverty. You also also be helped financially by your lover or partner, when you need money. The affliction to the eleventh house will lead the financial losses because of your wrong deeds, and that can be manifestedthrough the tax, loan, and big amount of installments, which can give the burden of finance. The seventh house will present you with financial benefits from business, and also might give you monetary benefit from your partner. If your eight house Lord is stronger than your luck house which comes under the ninth house, than you will face the circumstances like poverty in your life.

If the 8th House Lord is stronger than the 9th lord, it indicates poverty. Also, sudden gains from lottery, or dowry can be expected.

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If the natural benefic planet is plaved, then income will come from good deeds, and if the natural malefic planet is placed, then income will come from bad deeds. The eleventh house is for monetary gains from your daily efforts, or you day-to-day work, which is the base of your staple income source. If there is natural benefic planet in this house, you will get monetary gains from your past good Karma.

And if the planet is naturally malefic, then, your financial gains will either be in the form of black money, or you will income from unfair means. The twelfth house is for income from foreign lands. If the twelfth house is well placed in the chart, your social status will be boosted through gain of wealth. The zodiac sign which can be your Moon sign, Sun sign, or the Rising ascendant gives you a clear guidance in which career you should go ahead that will help you to attain wealth.

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