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It is Free, of course. Ixion may mean lawless but that does not mean that YOU are. Do you see? Everyone has every asteroid so we as humans have many, many sides. In what house is your Ixion? IP: Logged. In this case, it is lawlessness imo. Hence, one would see where this trait was in the chart and HOW dominant it was.

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For someone with it conjunct the ASC, it will be very different than someone with it in a house with no aspects. You see? Fall for bad boys or am attracted to difficult ,intense peeps that deal with deeper issues in life , dont do simple , does that apply for women too, cause all my girlfriends are tough,independant women? Weird, I'm a very good girl I just discovered my celeb crush has Moon conjunct Ixion.

Ixion | jbuss Astrology

I'm shattered I'm sooo happy! I mean, cappy. His eyes,skin and hair are dark, my mediterranean Greek. Brooding sexuality , his eyes are like lasers.. He has taught me alot!! Posts: From: N. Ixion conjuncts my Saturn squares my Sun. He is a gentlemen to me though.

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  • Conj Jupiter makes the bad asteroids badder and the good asteroids better This would be a strong Ixion but the person would not really incorporate it into his identity Tell me the story! Conj Saturn may make you obsessed with wanting to be lawless but struggling with it. Sq the Sun may put the brakes on it. You saw him I used to tease him about his rape stare, because when he watched someone or something he got this look on his face that was so intense it was a bit intimidating! His Ixion scorpio 3. Like driving into the center of tornados just to get information about them! I think he is done with that now though!

    They actually did sit in the center of about 5 of them! The smaller ones of course I think F2 was about the strongest that tornado intersect vehicle, the TIV, could handle! I think his friend Byron recorded and posted one time on you tube, I'll have to see if I can find it! My moon sign is Taurus sensual and charming. My sun sign is Scorpio. I mean, come on peeps We are known to be sexual beasts. I am not bragging, I have listed the facts: the aspects and the way I read that they are interpretated.

    Is it true? What other aspects are important for magnetism? Also do you know something more about MC conjuncting Pluto and Ixion? Re: Is this why so many people are obsessed with me? Don't get ahead of yourself, truly hearing it from someone who truly loves you is all that should matter. Sexual prowess is not exactly a good way to express ones self.

    Ixion asteroid astrology sign shows your persistence and mental strength

    Be humble, over inflated sense of this leads to think you are just a perverted dirty person. I am too somewhat like you, Taurus moon and mars, but i have no fluff to give it to you wrapped up in cotton wool so i may come across as confrontational, i cannot help this, i have Mercury square Pluto, Sun square mars.

    But i will emote with a smiley face to make sure you don't take offence. You seem to have a hidden insecurity that is well not very hidden to myself - Pluto in Scorpio 8th house. The need to have admiration and looking for validation.

    5D Astrology – IXION

    I myself have done this, so again don't take offence, you need to heighten these abilities and expand them, use them elsewhere. I too had a very rough upbringing, physical violence, abuse whatever. I see a lot of myself in you. Long read, perhaps you will see where i am coming from. My name is bozo the clown, and I have 5 decomposing bodies in my attic that I occasionally molest, usually when my dog is on it's period.

    Now, can we see your natal chart so we can see where this supposed star quality comes from? You might be a superstar in your social circle, but on here you're just another anonymous poster with a story to tell.

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    • Hands down, this is the funniest thread I have ever read. And the best part is that it's real. We cannot make this stuff up, people. Lovin' it. Thank you, DarkWarrior, for making us realize just how much closer we are to health and sanity than we ever knew. You have provided an important service to the universe. Originally Posted by DarkWarrior7. No, I will not be offended. Pluto and Ixion on MC is a fact. Venus conjunction Mars is a fact.


      Venus trine Moon is a fact. Aquarius ascendant is a fact. Taurus Moon is a fact. Scorpio sun is a fact. I didn't write them. But, I notice that it IS true. It is a resemblance with my life. I do had stalkers and obssesive guys wanting to be with me. I do have haters as do many people and I do have beautiful, wonderful friends.

      These are facts, too. I wanted to discuss astrology. Guess: it ain't gonna happen with you. How do you post emojis on the forum?

      Ixion: Our Conflict of Self

      Every time I do it, the forum eats it up. Originally Posted by Luney. Originally Posted by david starling. Tags ixion , obsessed , people , pluto Thread Tools. All times are GMT. The time now is AM.

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