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What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! This month you will be out there helping people advance in their careers. The Pisces personality will, however, face a few challenges at the workplace due to disagreements and fights among workmates. Test Now!

This month financial prosperity is wanting. According to the horoscope , you will have to use your skills outside of work to get extra money to sustain you and your family. The September horoscope for Pisces reveals that education wise; this month you will help some of your classmates in achieving better grades. You are among the top students in your class. Hence, you find yourself obligated to help others achieve their goals and objectives.

Traveling this month will only be beneficial to those who are traveling abroad for higher education as predicted by the Pisces September horoscope. It will mean relinquishing some control, but clarify your values and you can choose where you invest your time, money, love, and energy. Negotiate mutually beneficial arrangements.

Keep an open mind, be humble and wise, stay open to learning, and you can find out what you need to know. Standout days: 13, 15, 21 Challenging days: 1, 7, 14, Make your wildest dreams come true with your Premium Horoscope. Customer's Rating:. Go deep and uncover mysteries of your soul with your Vedic horoscope! Are you ready for change? If so, this year is the one for you. Here, how it affects you!

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    Free Tarot Pisces Monthly October 12222

    The cosmos has saved the best for last in with both planets, Mars and Venus visiting your sign during your birthday season and laying the world at your feet! Use early October to revamp your looks and put your best foot forward in love. Expect the unexpected! Take nothing for granted in Jupiter is also bent on raising your stock and your self-esteem and you could find yourself scoring above average this year.

    You have a much greater need for freedom in your relationships going forward so an open relationship, or a long distance one, might be on the cards this year.

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    Still, this scenario could well suit you perfectly this year as you explore new horizons in love. You might meet someone whilst abroad, at a class or seminar, or in some other circumstance that makes it impossible to have a normal relationship. If so, it will be the intellectual stimulation that this person provides that will move you the most. Listen to some good advice before you give yourself away and take March to review the contents of your heart.

    Your best period by far is October-December as Venus, then the Sun, then finally Mars give your ego a triple boost! But Mercury goes retrograde in your sign in November so you will have to consider carefully where you want to invest our energies. Since you're here: Love Potential Tarot Reading. Jupiter could literally sweeps you of your feet, which is just what you need after losing all hope and scraping the bottom of the barrel with Saturn.

    The bad times are gone and the good times are here! If relationships were an abstract concept for you in recent years, they become much more real in The eclipses are forcing you to get down and dirty and work with others, crises, flaws and all. Set boundaries and be sure to name your terms. Heck, you may even have already found your prince ss , plus you have some crazy stories to share at dinner parties, curtesy of Uranus in your love zone for the past 8 years.

    Time to leave all this fun and games behind and experience something more authentic. This is an emotional year, Sagittarius. If you get too emotional do something to ground yourself. Work, potter about the house or repot some plants. Let someone show you how much you mean to them in April and June. Take a moment in July to bring yourself up to speed with new developments in your love life. The end of the year might well find you locked away with someone in a passionate embrace!

    Has your love life been deader than a doornail, dear Capricorn? Get ready for all that to change because is the year when you make a new beginning in every aspect of your life, including relationships. The eclipses have arrived in your sign, shaking things up and bringing major changes in your self-image and relationship status, your appearance and your overall outlook. Get ready to reinvent yourself this year - twice! As you do, others are sure to sit up and take notice. July is a big month for relationships, with a particular person being instrumental in shedding light on hidden aspects of yourself and opening you up to new ways of connecting with others.

    Joining this cosmic shake up is Uranus in your house of true love from March 6 th and for some years to come. Trying to make up for lost time?

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    You might find yourself embarking on some crazy romantic adventures in that surprise even you! And is only the beginning! January and December - the bookends of - are the magic months when you try on a new identity for size. Venus is close by, giving you an alluring glow and making sure that you include love and romance in your brand new personality upgrade. Eclipses: partial solar eclipse in Capricorn 6 January, partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn 16 July, annular solar eclipse in Capricorn 26 December.

    But first, you need to put a past relationship well and truly to bed. January gives you that opportunity with a total lunar eclipse in your relationship zone closing a chapter of your life. Make a fresh start in February and March, taking a moment to review your priorities and give yourself a little makeover, ready for the summer.

    Because summer is where all the action is at, Aquarius! August brings a fresh start on the relationship front and potentially some passionate overtures from someone who seems to go out of their way to please you and show you how they feel! This is sure to make an impact. Springtime also promises some bird-song as you get Mars and Venus in your true love zone, alongside a new moon. April and May turn up the heat and by June, your popularity soars. Uranus is liberating you from those old needless ideological attachments from March 6 th bringing a new-found willingness to try new ideas on for size.

    Like, the idea of being in a relationship that works, for instance.

    Pisces Daily Horoscope

    Any special plans for today? Your unbridled romanticism could run away with you in , dear Pisces, booty and all! The antidote? Listen to your trusty circle of friends! This is a year to keep a sound acquaintance around for advice at all times.

    Pisces Monthly Horoscope November, – Spirit Navigator

    Spring-Summer is a non-stop love-fest, dear Pisces, with July standing out for rocking your world. Take a time out this March to review your own attitude to love and relationship, as Mercury goes backward in your sign. Once that is done, you have beautiful Venus conferring on you her powers of attraction! Indeed, brings a new beginning in all matters of the heart, Pisces. The most important event this year is a total solar eclipse in your house of true love on July 2 nd , wiping the slate clean and starting a whole new chapter in your love life. This is a trend that will take you beyond so watch this space!

    Come August, someone has got the hots for you and is not shy about showing it. You can thank the passionate union of Mars and Venus in your relationship zone for that.